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It's our 4th wedding anniversary!

Today, as we celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary I am thankful of all the blessings and graces that God has showered on us. I am also thankful of the man who love me and cherished me so much amidst of my idosyncracies, shortcomings and imperfections. Our love story begun on August of 2001. We chatted two years  then we agreed to meet in person May of 2003.  He arrived Manila May 16 and proposes me that night. With one single pink rose and the ring hanging I say Yes! After a year and seven months we got married and today is our 4th wedding anniversary. We went to dinner at Red Lobster I ordered the ultimate seafood platter which has the lobster and crab legs (my favorite) and hubby ordered the admiral seafood platter which has scallop on it. Our wedding cake as you can see is the smallest of all cake I ever had lol but with a flare of pink which is for me is cute. 

Christmas day 2008

Things we did yesterday Christmas day..1. Woke up not so early and already getting so excited because I knew I had to open up my gifts. Hubby had the ball taking pictures he loved to see me so excited and happy.2. At 10:30 am we are already at our parish church ready to hear the words of God on that special day.3. Came home from church I immediately started preparing my ingredients since I am going to make spring rolls.4. By 3:00 pm starts another family party of ours and we arrived  in my step son's house just on time. My spring rolls were a big hit by everybody, I think I will continue to make spring rolls everytime we have a family party.  We headed home at 8:30pm and I was ready to hit the hay. 


To all my family, relatives and friends may the joy and blessing of Christmas be with  us today and this coming year to come.


Is shoveling a form of exercise? Because if it is then I did shed plenty of calories today lol. I woke up at 7:20 am, I looked outside and found out that my across neighbor was stuck at her driveway. I immediately  dressed up with my snow attire so I could help her shovel her driveway but when I get out somebody already help her. So then, I decided to shovel our dinky deck and make a pathway going to my car. I could feel my back is sweating my hands my rosy cheeks and red nose are cold. Our temparature says it is 13F but it is a little windy and that makes it very very cold which I don't like. I just keep my shoveling fast until I make a good path. Thinking that i shed a good batch of calories makes me feel  goodddddddddddd lol!!

When you live in a cold state there is no room for belly aching. Just be thankful of the snow and enjoy the moment or else you ended up depressed and miserable. 

Our 2008 Family Christmas party!

Yesterday was our 2008 family christmas party. Although not everybody were present but we filled the house of Doreen as in totally jam-packed, I told Loren that maybe next year we gonna use a community hall this family is growing fast lol! Anyway, every one brings their goodies and food that we filled the countertable fast too. I brought pancit, bean casserole and a special dip for the fruits that kids love. As always after eating we are looking forward to the white elephant game. Angie (hubbies 1st granddaughter) came out with a different twist of the game. As the bowl containing all the numbers went around I picked the number 1, I thought I don't have no chances of changing what I picked but I did. There were 48 adults  with gifts (not everybody is present at that huge number lol) that makes the white elephant game really fun. We came home almost 8:00 pm thankfully yesterday was not too bad weather wise and everybody just had so much fun.

First winter storm

Yesterday, we had our first winter storm. The news said that it will start at around 4am, when I woke up yesterday morning and looked out the window everything are all covered with snow. It was almost knee high at noon time. Thankfully, my son in law came  by and plowed our driveway.  By late in the afternoon hubby and I went outside to looked around and shoveled the path from the deck to the car. Today, it is starting to snow again I just hope it won't last the whole day. Guess we are going to  have a white christmas this year. 

The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas
I had heard that the Christmas song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was written to help teach children catechism. Do you know anything about it?

Beginning with the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England in 1558, the Roman Catholic Church and any practice of the faith was strictly forbidden. Some of the various penal laws against Catholicism included the following: The Mass was outlawed. Priests were expelled from the realm, and threatened with the charge of high treason with the punishment of being hung, drawn, and quartered for returning and offering Mass. Any Catholic harboring a priest in the home or allowing him to offer Mass was subject to the same penalty. Catholic citizens were not allowed to vote, to hold property, to be witnesses in court, or to have weapons. Anyone who did not attend Protestant services was fined and imprisoned for repeated offenses. All Catholic schools were closed and instruction in the faith was forb…

Who was Santa Claus?

Who Was Santa Claus?
Still, behind the figure most embodying the commercial nature of Christmas in the minds of the public, we find a humble and saintly Bishop, and a clear Christian message for our times: the need for generosity both towards our neighbors, and towards God.

ROME, DEC 23 (ZENIT).- As Christmas comes closer, children everywhere are eagerly awaiting their Christmas gifts. In most of the English-speaking world, these will be brought on Christmas Eve by a grandfatherly figure in a red suit and a penchant for milk and cookies. Yet “Santa Claus” comes from the Dutch “Sinter Klass,” which in turn means “St. Nicholas.” 

Saint Nicholas, whose feast day is December 6, lived from 280-343. He was a priest and later the Bishop of Myra, in modern Turkey. Unfortunately for the historian, he has been such a popular saint that many legends have sprung up, and it is difficult to separate myth from reality. 

The legends say that Nicholas was a very holy child, some going so far as to sa…

A Christmas Tree Blessing...

A Christmas Tree Blessing                                                               Holy Creator Of Trees,                                                        Bless with your abundant grace this                                                        our Christmas tree as a symbol of joy.                                                        May its evergreen branches be a sign                                                        of your never-fading promises.                                                        May its colorful lights and ornaments                                                        call us to decorate with love our home                                                        and our world.                                                        May the gifts that surround this tree be                                                        symbols of the gifts that we have received                                                        from the tree of Chr…

Welcome Ms. Emily

Last Saturday morning while the weather is so nasty and cold (temperature was 10F) me and hubby went to get Ms. Emily ( I named her). Ms. Emily lives in a farm not too far from us. But the family who raised her transfered to North Carolina because of the economic crises here in MI. Two of their chickens was taken by another neighbor and the one left inside the chicken coop was Ms. Emily. The owner told us that they are so worried for Ms. Emily she felt that Ms. Emily was kind of lonely living alone. Fortunately, the owner knows my step-sons girlfriend and this girlfriend told us if we like to have a duck who thinks she is a chicken!! LOL! I agreed to the idea to get one duck, so that wintry saturday morning Ms. Emily was born in our farm. Here she is.

Below freezing..

Officially? We are not in winter season yet, it will be this coming December 21 that winter season begins but here in Michigan our temperature already reads always below freezing point and that is 31F. Past few days I woke up with a temperature of 14F, thankfully we have a firestove who keeps us warm the whole night and with the humidifier who put moisture on air, and those two helps our autumn and winter season more comfortable staying inside. The other day, I remember I had a huge malong, I took it out from the closet and put it on. I layed down on the sofa with my two feet on top with my book on my lap I am ready to read lol.

Christmas Tree 2008

So here it is my Christmas tree for 2008. Last Friday, I was able to put up this Christmas tree not with too much gusto. I just don't feel like putting all the stuff. Hubby took all decorations from the basement but ended up returning it that day since I decided not to put any ornaments on my Christmas tree. After putting up the tree I sorrounded it with different color of lights and put on top the lighted angel (which I inherited from my MIL) and then the last but not the least the two different colors of ribbons twirl it down and thats it my 2008 Christmas tree is up. Next that I have put up are the three wreaths. The huge one is in front of the huge window and the two wreaths are on the two doors. Then I put some green garland on the window rod and hang on some big red balls.
The last one is of course the reason of the season decoration my nativity scene. I love to watched nativity scene in any sizes and forms. While I was looking at my not so miniature statues I tried to rememb…

Today is the Feast of The Immaculate Conception of Mary

Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord, May it be done to me according to your word. (Luke 1:38)

In Mary's "yes" to God, Luke gives us a glimpse into her immaculate heart. He shows us a heart that trusted God, loved him, and wanted more than anything else to please him. Favored by God, Mary freely embraced his plan of salvation and was willing to make any personal sacrifice to advance it.
It is right, especially on a day like today, to honor Mary's immaculate heart. But it is also right to recall that the very same thing that preserved Mary from the effects of sin at her conception-the merits of Jesus' death and resurrection-is given to us in baptism. When we are baptized, we are washed clean of the stain of sin, and heaven is opened to us. The Holy Spirit overshadows us, and Jesus comes to live in our hearts. We become capable of the same disposition of trust and love toward God that Mary had. We can have immaculate hearts!
Of course, this doesn't happen automat…

Christmas tree

This is the picture of my 2007 Christmas tree. This year as of this time I am not fire up to put up my Christmas tree for 2008. I don't know but I guess the lazy bug is on me lol. I will try to put it up today and it has to be today because tomorrow is another day and I have lots and lots of books lining up ready to be read.

The wedding....

Last Saturday, we attended the wedding of Renee and Jake. Renee is one of the granddaughters of my LH. The wedding was held at Mt Zion church and the reception was at Knights of Columbus building. The food was really good who was prepared by Angie B (another granddaughter). The decoration and arrangement was all fine except the music hmmm it seems to me that they don't know how to prepare songs like this kind of event. Overall, the wedding was not prepared in all fabulousness like what we see on tv (whose wedding it is anyway). But it was done in concerted effort by relatives and friends and that is how Renee and Jake will remember.
On another note, that was my third time to attend a wedding. My first was in Austin, Texas and as what I have seen the secondary sponsors wore black gowns. But they are so gorgeous and classy. And most of the guest wore their black dress and the men are in their ties, that makes it more elegant looking. Here are some of the pics.