Christmas tree

This is the picture of my 2007 Christmas tree. This year as of this time I am not fire up to put up my Christmas tree for 2008. I don't know but I guess the lazy bug is on me lol. I will try to put it up today and it has to be today because tomorrow is another day and I have lots and lots of books lining up ready to be read.


Ate Kim,

My xmas tree for this year is already up and i updated it to a bigger size now that matthew is a little bit big. He is very fascinated with the ball ornaments and end up breaking two balls already. Anyway, how's ur tree this year?

Miss you na.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Vanz,
Thanks for dropping by. Last Friday, I dragged myself to put up my Christmas tree hehe. I guess it's the most simplest christmas tree you have ever seen. I didn't put any christmas balls but just lights and ribbons.
It is nice to know you put up your Christmas tree for sure Mattie gonna love the colors and the lights.
God bless! Miss yah!
Stev&Emz said…
dami mo ng mga gifts ha! may laman ba yang mga yan?
Manang Kim said…
hi emz, hehe that was last 2007 oo may laman lahat yan,mga simple gifts lang hehe.

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