Christmas Tree 2008

So here it is my Christmas tree for 2008. Last Friday, I was able to put up this Christmas tree not with too much gusto. I just don't feel like putting all the stuff. Hubby took all decorations from the basement but ended up returning it that day since I decided not to put any ornaments on my Christmas tree. After putting up the tree I sorrounded it with different color of lights and put on top the lighted angel (which I inherited from my MIL) and then the last but not the least the two different colors of ribbons twirl it down and thats it my 2008 Christmas tree is up. Next that I have put up are the three wreaths. The huge one is in front of the huge window and the two wreaths are on the two doors. Then I put some green garland on the window rod and hang on some big red balls.
The last one is of course the reason of the season decoration my nativity scene. I love to watched nativity scene in any sizes and forms. While I was looking at my not so miniature statues I tried to remember the names of the 3 kings and forgot one, Baltazar, Gaspar and --? And remembering what they brought to Jesus--Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh (not so sure with the gold). Anyway, me and hubby had fun trying to remember the other name of the king until now no one has come up with the right answer yet.


Stev&Emz said…
Melchor. hehehe.. =P your xmas tree is very beautiful Kim. We havent put up our xmas tree cause hubby wants it real. Hope he could get me a real one soon before the season end. lol. =)
Manang Kim said…
Oh my gush oo nga si melchor pala hahaha thanks Emz, haven't tried a fresh and real tree i bet it does smell really good. I once tried cut few branches of a pine tree and decorate it around the house it does smell good. He will find you one emz.
marykay said…
I'm the same this year Kim. I didnt have time or energy to put up my full-fledged decor so I opted for just our tree and a few of my kids favorite things. I like your nativity. I will try to post mine too once this week is over...take care and God bless.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Kay, whatever it takes as long as the true spirit of Christmas is within us. I like my nativity scene too my relatives can't believe I bought it in garage sale for just $5!! Because if you see it in person it has a descent size just enough to put in any table.

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