Our 2008 Family Christmas party!

Yesterday was our 2008 family christmas party. Although not everybody were present but we filled the house of Doreen as in totally jam-packed, I told Loren that maybe next year we gonna use a community hall this family is growing fast lol! Anyway, every one brings their goodies and food that we filled the countertable fast too. I brought pancit, bean casserole and a special dip for the fruits that kids love. As always after eating we are looking forward to the white elephant game. Angie (hubbies 1st granddaughter) came out with a different twist of the game. As the bowl containing all the numbers went around I picked the number 1, I thought I don't have no chances of changing what I picked but I did. There were 48 adults  with gifts (not everybody is present at that huge number lol) that makes the white elephant game really fun. We came home almost 8:00 pm thankfully yesterday was not too bad weather wise and everybody just had so much fun.


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