Welcome Ms. Emily

Last Saturday morning while the weather is so nasty and cold (temperature was 10F) me and hubby went to get Ms. Emily ( I named her). Ms. Emily lives in a farm not too far from us. But the family who raised her transfered to North Carolina because of the economic crises here in MI. Two of their chickens was taken by another neighbor and the one left inside the chicken coop was Ms. Emily. The owner told us that they are so worried for Ms. Emily she felt that Ms. Emily was kind of lonely living alone. Fortunately, the owner knows my step-sons girlfriend and this girlfriend told us if we like to have a duck who thinks she is a chicken!! LOL! I agreed to the idea to get one duck, so that wintry saturday morning Ms. Emily was born in our farm. Here she is.


Hi miss emily, i hope i can meet you someday! keep yourself warm buddy, tell mommy to keep you from the neighboring thieves lol.

Hi te, Merry xmas!
Manang Kim said…
Hi Vanz, ms emily is keeping warm with the chickens inside the chicken coop. I hope thieves and dogs won't come to eat them this xmas and new year lol.

Merry Christmas to you and to your family. God bless!!

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