Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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                                                                Why NOT! Hehehe!
                                                                    Yup that is ME!!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Christmas TREE 2011

For the past days I don't have any energy to put up our Christmas TREE. I TOLD myself I need an inspiration. I was blog hopping and read one of my favorite blogger Tea Garden . I was browsing his previous post and saw his Christmas TREE! It was amazing an inspiration was born!  Memories flooded my mind it goes back to my childhood. I remember so well our Christmas TREE was made of  TWIGS or  TREE branch or a brush form like a Christmas TREE and decorate it with Christmas lights, ribbons, garlands etc. We don't have this fancy Christmas TREE THAT stores are selling nor a live Christmas TREE, I live in the Philippines! Evergreens or Pine trees as we call it there don't grow in my place. And because I was inspired at that instance I decided to be different this year. I will at least make my childhood Christmas TREE. THE TREE THAT I used to watched with the twinkling of lights and wish that my father will be home at Christmas. Growing up we don't used to have gifts we even don't know who is Santa Claus until when I was in 5th or 6th grade. What  we know is that Christmas is when Jesus is born. THAT we have to attend the nine dawn night mass (simbang gabi), that on Christmas day food is over flowing, that Christmas is joyful. My Christmas TREE is even fancier, WHY, because I used glass ornaments way back we have plastic colored Christmas ornaments. So here is my Christmas TREE for everyone to see!

              Do you like my tree. It is like my childhood Christmas TREE is born and I am loving it.
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Have You Put Up Your Advent Wreath Yet?

Have you put up your Advent wreath? This wreath I made last year. This year I am kind of late because I am looking for the other three candles. Can you believe that? I am looking for the candles I put off last year and I could't find locate it. 
Yesterday, at church we had our yearly Woman's Advent Tea and I was hosting one table among 10 tables. My guest were my sister in law's, two of my hubby's daughter, a niece and a cousin of hubby. It was fun to be together like this kind of event. We had salad then after the speaker who came from Mary's Mantle we had a sumptuous dessert. Oh gush, I went home sugar loaded.
Right now I am busy juggling from blogging, decorating my childhood tree and looking for the Advent candles. ^_^

Yesterday the church lights the first of four candles on the Advent wreath. Perhaps you will want to light a candle too.

                                                   Mary: Immaculate Conception
There is a refrain that would be helpful whenever I think about Mary: What she is, I am called to be. How does that apply to the Immaculate Conception which we will celebrate during the Advent season? Jesus came as Savior  - to save us all from sin. Because Mary was destined to be the mother of Jesus, she had a unique relationship to the Savior, and received his saving grace from the first moment of her existence. 
I can't claim to have been "full of grace" from the very first moment of my existence. But Jesus is my Savior, too. Mary doesn't differ from me because she received this grace. She differs because of when she received it - at her conception. I received it at baptism. From the beginning she was what i am called to be: Sinless.
I wonder if I take seriously enough the fact that I am called to be sinless? I wonder if instead, my goal is "high mediocrity" - as though God says, "Well, you're an imperfect creature, so go ahead and sin now and then." I wasn't created to be a sinner. I was created in the image of God. What Mary is, I am called to be. Called to be sinless. I never quite thought of it that way.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Advent Tablesetting

                                               Last night we had our Women Advent Tea at church. There are 10 tables to be fill up with guest and I host one table. Before I brought all my dishes, candles and other stuff to the church I put it all in my dining table first. I had a hard time what would be my centerpiece and I come out with this one. All of these stuff I found from garage sale, church rummage sale, white tea pot from MIL. Hope you all like it. ^_^

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                                     By the way, have you seen my Thanksgiving table scape?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chicago Bridge

Chicago Bridge

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just One Thing To Say THANK YOU LORD!

                To all my friends here in blog land. I may not know you personally but I would like to say thank you to you all for being part of my blog life. To my husband who give me the love, respect and understanding beyond comprehension thank you honey, to my brother, sister, sister in law, nieces and nephew I love you all and thank you for being there for me, to all my in-laws, relatives and friends I love you all and thank you for having me us part of your life, to the people whom I meet somewhere somehow I thank you for welcoming me in your life and foremost and the first...... I THANK YOU LORD!!! 

                                           HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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Data Clinic At UK

I like to call this generation gen X. Almost all the people owned something that is made from the latest technology. One thing that sets on the top most in all technology is the computer. It is a very small gadget but it has all the data that you can store. You can get anything from the computer through the internet and put it in a hard drive. I even like to have an external drive this Christmas to put all my photos. But there are some things that happen beyond our grasp. Sometimes or oftentimes we have problems with our data or data’s that we do not know where to go or to ask.
My two cousins who live in UK one time called me because they have a problem with their computer. Sometimes I could tell what happened to it and how to fixed it but few days ago one of my cousin asked me if I have knowledge about data recovery or hard drive recovery . I told her I know what is a hard drive and where it is in the computer but to do some recovery for a hard drive that I do not know. I searched in the internet and found a UK data recovery company that opened five new regional offices in UK. She was excited about it because she never thought she could find a data recovery company her place. And I added to tell her that she will get 10% discount on the data recovery cost if she go to here Data Clinic Ltd Facebook page and click “like”. For me it is really cool that a company give extra effort to give extra discount just by liking in Face book page. My cousin was  excited to do it since she needs her computer back right away. I hope that today everything is fine on her side of the world so we could chat again.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love My Dog

How do you find food or any other stuff for your pets? For me I go look at PetCareRx reviews all the time. For the past few months I am enjoying the discounts that they offer online. By visiting there website it enhances my knowledge about how to groom, feed, my pet. The last time I visited there website  PetCareRx reviews was awesome. Aside from the food and how to groom my dog they have a complete guide for pet care. That they can also get sick like we people have.  I encourage people who have pets to read PetCareRx reviews all the time. We should not stop looking for more ideas and suggestions because we love our pet.


SUNSET never forgotten.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Termite Control Phoenix

My SIL and her son and daughter are in Arizona now. Every fall and winter Arizona is his or her place of choice to spend together and to get away from the snow here in Michigan. They have been there more than two weeks and we talked to them everyday. Yesterday she told us that they had a problem with termites. Her house was vacant for about 2 or 3 years because her husband was sick and they cannot go back to Arizona because of his condition. This time it was her first time to go back with her son and daughter in law after her husband died few months ago. She was surprised to see termites ruined many of the good parts of the house. She cannot look at the managed and the termites it made her feel something crawl underneath her skin. Her son suggested calling a Termite Control Phoenix area because they are a bit close to the area. They found out from the neighbors that in  Arizona Termites are almost common as ants. That is why many of the houses there have to protect their property by asking those people who can exterminate Termites Phoenix services. 
I have not seen a real termite but I see them on photo it looks like ants but they can bring damage to any house. Today my sister in law was a bit relax because her son already contacted the company and they are scheduled to visit them this week. Because of the damage that the termite has done at my SIL’s house I look at how to prevent termites from attacking the house. Here is what I found.

Termite Prevention Tips

~ Never, stack woodpiles against the home or attach woodwork to the house.

~ Have your home regularly checked for Termite activity.

~ Avoid over watering around your home. It can attract Termite activity and dilute any preventative treatments.

~ Do not let landscaping, dirt or other debris to pile up against your home. This will hide Termite activity and allow the Termites to by-pass any preventative treatments.

Therefore, to all my friends who live in Arizona here is the address and phone number you can call in case you have a problem with termites.

Arizona Termite Control
3019 N. 14th Street #309
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 635-9166

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Do not know the name of this flower but this is very dainty and tiny.

            This one is a rose. Can you believe that? If I did not go to a Rose Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan  I did not know that the original of a rose flower is like this. That is why the winner of that Rose Show was a flower like this but yellow. Do you think it looks like an apple blossoms?
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Pepe Fanjul Jr

I have been reading many articles recently, another Fanjul first name came out, and the name is Pepe Fanjul Jr. He is the Florida Crystals’ Senior Vice President and head of the company’s land and real estate division. I am reading the article and at the same time thinking how fortunate this family are. They have business everywhere and they are good people. They like to share what they have. In addition, on their business life they are very successful they are co-investment partner in real estate private equity. I further read the article and it says Pepe Fanjul Jr., holds a B.S. Business Administration and an MBA in International Management from the University of Miami.

Pepe Fanjul

Some people are born to be lucky and as I am reading about Pepe Fanjul article just recently he is one kind of a man who I like to call fortunate in life. Somehow many says life is not fair well it sounds right but Pepe Fanjul a midst his being the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, and Chief Operating Officer of Fanjul Corporation and it’s subsidiary Florida Crystals Corporation, he take time to be a philanthropist. It takes a heart and being a real man to donate his time and resources to not for profit organizations like New Hope Charities, which helps children and families in rural communities.  Pepe Fanjul is one of a kind.

World Financial Group

World Financial Group is what you need if you want to learn about how to manage your finances. In this website, World Financial Group is where you can login for all the new associates. You will see all the latest news about this Group.  In addition, I think it is just necessary to know the latest news of a company that we are interested to join.  You can also see on the right corner of the website that they are available on the app store so anything that new technology has to offer you can connect with them. Aside from that, they have what they call WFG Tech Support. Therefore, in WFG you are in better hands.

What Am I?

                                                         Another macro shot is here

                  Last week macro shot, many got the right answer but one will be the winner and it was Lauri.
This week I like you friends bloggers to guess what do you think is this thing. The name of this "thing" has two words, sometimes we use it sometime don't. With the price of $5.00 let's start the ball rolling. ^_^ As usual I am going to disable the comment so in case you got the right answer I will not show your answer rather, I will show your name below. Okey? Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend!

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Brandi S. Nave Attorney

When you hear a name Brandi S. Nave Attorney, does it sound like a man or a woman? Many may say it sounds like a woman but if it is an attorney, it sounds like a man. However, Brandi S. Nave Attorney is a woman. She managed the Nave & Associates, PLLC. How could any woman do that in this kind of field where we always think only men could thrive? Regardless of the gender, many women do excel in their field of work and one of this is Brandi S. Nave. The areas of practice include but are not limited to be Traffic Law Center, Personal Injury Law Center, Civil Litigation Law Center; all of these Brandi S. Nave guided and managed. So if anyone of your friends or relatives who is in the area of D.C. or Maryland go to there website and do not hesitate to ask for their guidance and help because they are here to help anybody. I am sure of that.

Gaston Cantens

I like browsing in the internet sometimes you stumbled articles that you do not know about. The other day  I was browsing the state of Florida because we here in Michigan is already experiencing bitter cold and the sound of Florida is a music of our ears.  Then I found this site of Florida House of Representatives and it is the picture of Gaston Cantens. I do not know him but he is the Representative of District 114. I like reading biographical information of people and I read his biographical Gaston Cantens is a lawyer, a resident in Miami has three children and married to his wife Ana. He got his education from University of Miami and St Thomas University School of Law.  He was born October 24 in Miami, Florida. In addition, he is a Catholic and is interested in biking and jogging. For me this simple stuff could tell a person. However, if you are a voter you should know more of the person’s capacities, abilities and his sponsored bills, right? For me there is nothing wrong in knowing more of your representative it is everyone’s responsibility. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Richard Coles Haiti

I remember one time at our church a priest came and talked about Haiti. The priest talked about how poverty is very common in this country. Moreover, when the earthquake came there was even more devastation and poverty problem was worse. However, Haiti is not a poor country in terms of natural resources just like Richard Coles Haiti born who employs 3,000 people at his apparel-assembly plant, pays above-average wages, and provides on-site medical care. That I think with my reading about Haiti they need this kind of entrepreneur who not only thin about profit but also think the status of his/her employees. Richard Coles Haiti born says, “The poor believes the elites were always together, but we weren’t.” This made me think too that they are together but people are people. Some can be together for some reason and some cannot be together for some reason. Nevertheless, what Richard Coles is doing is for me the best thing a businessperson can do. 

Income At Home

We are almost at the end of 2011 and still our economy is doing strong. Many people do not have jobs after they were lay off and some cannot find jobs. If they do find a job, the salary is much lesser than what they had before. It makes more families struggle on their daily expenses. is a site that gives tips on how to earn money from home. It says that we have to make some time every day to make our website known to every one out there. I have been blogging for quite sometime and what is saying is true. That is why like me who am earning money at home I have to find ways and means for new and fresh news or guides to make my income at home more productive.


                                                      I  just hope my symmetry is right.

                                     Blue Water Bridge, Port Huron, Michigan

                                                     Both photos at Waterford Waterpark, Michigan

            The Leaf. Taken at Frederick Meijers Sculpture and Garden Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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About WFG

Have you heard about WFG? It is World Financial Group and many know of there abbreviation as WFG. About WFG, I came to know in there website that this group do financial services. In there website they informed you to who they are and what services they offer.  One thing that struck me in this company is that they are dedicated to serve the financial needs of the middle-income individuals and families. I thought that only the few or the rich people have the opportunity to this kind of services. WFG offers financial education to those who want to learn and forego their ambition in life. Therefore, no use of saying there is any way that we cannot get out from any hardships in life, right.

Federico Pignatelli

Federico Pignatelli is a CEO that holds a salary of just a $1! How that it happened? Well Federico Pignatelli is a CEO of Biolase a California-based dental laser company. He keeps his $1 annual salary to rebuild the fortunes of the company after a turbulent year. How many CEO do that? What is in there mind is to make the stockholders do rake the fortune first before the CEO. After reading what Federico Pignatelli did to the company, I am very impressed. He is very determined and persistent to make money in order that the stockholders have money. And as I have said he know what he is doing and if only all the CEO’s are like him there will be no problem in all kind of businesses. Federico Pignatelli is a kind of person stockholders has to look for and fortunately, there is only one Federico Pignatelli. 


Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...