Have You Put Up Your Advent Wreath Yet?

Have you put up your Advent wreath? This wreath I made last year. This year I am kind of late because I am looking for the other three candles. Can you believe that? I am looking for the candles I put off last year and I could't find locate it. 
Yesterday, at church we had our yearly Woman's Advent Tea and I was hosting one table among 10 tables. My guest were my sister in law's, two of my hubby's daughter, a niece and a cousin of hubby. It was fun to be together like this kind of event. We had salad then after the speaker who came from Mary's Mantle we had a sumptuous dessert. Oh gush, I went home sugar loaded.
Right now I am busy juggling from blogging, decorating my childhood tree and looking for the Advent candles. ^_^

Yesterday the church lights the first of four candles on the Advent wreath. Perhaps you will want to light a candle too.

                                                   Mary: Immaculate Conception
There is a refrain that would be helpful whenever I think about Mary: What she is, I am called to be. How does that apply to the Immaculate Conception which we will celebrate during the Advent season? Jesus came as Savior  - to save us all from sin. Because Mary was destined to be the mother of Jesus, she had a unique relationship to the Savior, and received his saving grace from the first moment of her existence. 
I can't claim to have been "full of grace" from the very first moment of my existence. But Jesus is my Savior, too. Mary doesn't differ from me because she received this grace. She differs because of when she received it - at her conception. I received it at baptism. From the beginning she was what i am called to be: Sinless.
I wonder if I take seriously enough the fact that I am called to be sinless? I wonder if instead, my goal is "high mediocrity" - as though God says, "Well, you're an imperfect creature, so go ahead and sin now and then." I wasn't created to be a sinner. I was created in the image of God. What Mary is, I am called to be. Called to be sinless. I never quite thought of it that way.


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