Data Clinic At UK

I like to call this generation gen X. Almost all the people owned something that is made from the latest technology. One thing that sets on the top most in all technology is the computer. It is a very small gadget but it has all the data that you can store. You can get anything from the computer through the internet and put it in a hard drive. I even like to have an external drive this Christmas to put all my photos. But there are some things that happen beyond our grasp. Sometimes or oftentimes we have problems with our data or data’s that we do not know where to go or to ask.
My two cousins who live in UK one time called me because they have a problem with their computer. Sometimes I could tell what happened to it and how to fixed it but few days ago one of my cousin asked me if I have knowledge about data recovery or hard drive recovery . I told her I know what is a hard drive and where it is in the computer but to do some recovery for a hard drive that I do not know. I searched in the internet and found a UK data recovery company that opened five new regional offices in UK. She was excited about it because she never thought she could find a data recovery company her place. And I added to tell her that she will get 10% discount on the data recovery cost if she go to here Data Clinic Ltd Facebook page and click “like”. For me it is really cool that a company give extra effort to give extra discount just by liking in Face book page. My cousin was  excited to do it since she needs her computer back right away. I hope that today everything is fine on her side of the world so we could chat again.


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