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My SIL and her son and daughter are in Arizona now. Every fall and winter Arizona is his or her place of choice to spend together and to get away from the snow here in Michigan. They have been there more than two weeks and we talked to them everyday. Yesterday she told us that they had a problem with termites. Her house was vacant for about 2 or 3 years because her husband was sick and they cannot go back to Arizona because of his condition. This time it was her first time to go back with her son and daughter in law after her husband died few months ago. She was surprised to see termites ruined many of the good parts of the house. She cannot look at the managed and the termites it made her feel something crawl underneath her skin. Her son suggested calling a Termite Control Phoenix area because they are a bit close to the area. They found out from the neighbors that in  Arizona Termites are almost common as ants. That is why many of the houses there have to protect their property by asking those people who can exterminate Termites Phoenix services. 
I have not seen a real termite but I see them on photo it looks like ants but they can bring damage to any house. Today my sister in law was a bit relax because her son already contacted the company and they are scheduled to visit them this week. Because of the damage that the termite has done at my SIL’s house I look at how to prevent termites from attacking the house. Here is what I found.

Termite Prevention Tips

~ Never, stack woodpiles against the home or attach woodwork to the house.

~ Have your home regularly checked for Termite activity.

~ Avoid over watering around your home. It can attract Termite activity and dilute any preventative treatments.

~ Do not let landscaping, dirt or other debris to pile up against your home. This will hide Termite activity and allow the Termites to by-pass any preventative treatments.

Therefore, to all my friends who live in Arizona here is the address and phone number you can call in case you have a problem with termites.

Arizona Termite Control
3019 N. 14th Street #309
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 635-9166


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