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Sky Watch Friday-Moon shots

Promises are like the full moon, if they are not kept at once they diminish day by day”                                                                     ~ German Proverb
“How like a queen comes forth the lonely Moon From the slow opening curtains of the clouds walking in      beauty to her midnight throne!” George Croly Quotes
                      “The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon.”
Jean Ingelow Quotes
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Watery Wednesday

I hope this is my last post about icicles. I don't remember the day we had a snow and I am not happy. I was sicked as well as hubby and the weather is crap!! ^_^ Sorry! Thank God  our temperature reached to 40F, and here in MI it's like really fine!!
                    That's my forsythia and hydrangea if some people are enjoying their blooms now, mine still covered with ice!!
                                                   My tulips is also covered with snow

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New Family Traditions

Growing up I always hear the word our Filipino culture and family tradition or Filipino tradition. At school from grade school, to high school and even college we have a subjects that talked about this two. When I came here in the US and took my oath as a US citizen I couldn't forget what the judge told us, we came here from other country and with us we brought our culture and tradition. And to become a US citizen doesn't mean that we have to forget our culture and tradition. That word stuck in my mind and that is why people all over the world love this country, or is it?? Hehehe! But here is a new family traditions in this fast pace generations that we are in now... Spontaneous day. Choose Sunday as your "spontaneous family day," when one person gets to choose an activity that you can do together, like checking out neighboring village houses or a visit at the zoo. But this is after all the family members went to church. Agree?Volunteer together. As a family, help out…

Busy Tuesday!

Today is the last Tuesday of the month of March and if it's Tuesday I am busy. In the morning I get up early to be at the church for our bible study that starts at 9:30am until 11:00Am. Then  I went home, prepare lunch, take a little rest and then gonna prepare for my Rel. Ed class at 4:00pm. But next week we are going to have a Spring break!! Wohooo!! Because you know why it's my birthday week hehehe.

It must have been love!

I am having fun backyard birding lately because I found out that the birds already come back from a long Winter hiatus. Last week, I think that was the night of Super moon, hubby and I saw thousands of geese fly by. They formed a very huge letter "V" and the sound that they created is awesome, just loving it. Today when I get up I immediately looked outside and voila the birds are there. After snapping photos, I waited for awhile behind the curtain and then I saw the mama and papa cardinal. I knew for sure that the mama cardinal is pregnant (the light red one color is the female) and when they are enjoying the seeds along with  some birds the two cardinals fly towards the snowy ground and they kissed!!!! It must have been love huh!!! I was tickled to death I can't believe it I captured the best moment of the cardinals life, hehe!  The light colored cardinal is the female, and if you noticed her belly? She seems like pregnant, hmmm shower party soon? Hehehe! And do you not…

Macro Monday

After super moon I waited for another beautiful moon formation and this one I am lucky to capture it.
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Madonna syndrome: I should have ditched feminism for love, children and baking

Madonna syndrome: I should have ditched feminism for love, children and bakingA playwright who embraced the feminism espoused by her mother and flaunted by Madonna now feels betrayed Zoe Lewis
I never thought I would be saying this, but being a free woman isn't all it's cracked up to be. Is that the rustle of taffeta I hear as the suffragettes turn in their graves? Possibly. My mother was a hippy who kept a pile of (dusty) books by Germaine Greer and Erica Jong by her bed (like every good feminist, she didn't see why she should do all the cleaning). She imbued me with the great values of choice, equality and sexual liberation. I fought with my older brother and won; at university I beat the rugby lads at drinking games. I was not to be messed with.
Now, nearly 37, those same values leave me feeling cold. I want love and children but they are nowhere to be seen. I feel like a UN inspector sent in to Iraq only to find that there never were any weapons o…

Friday my Town Shoot-Out

Before hubby got sick last week, we were at his sister's house helping her to set up her new computer. I spotted this house next across her house and I took a snapped right away.

A yellow sunset
Crossroads Village, with more than 30 historic structures, takes you back to a simpler time. Friendly villagers in period dress welcome you to the homes, mills, and shops. This is one of the house that the county relocated and preserved. Located in Flint, Michigan.
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Sky Watch Friday

I took this photos the night before the Super moon. I was having fun chasing the moon because the sky is cloudy and it's fun to see the moon comes out and sometimes hide. After several minutes of having fun I went inside the house because it gets cold. When I was inside I looked again the sky and I am amazed of what I saw, I called my hubby and says that is something else.
                                                    The white cloud looks like a mask
                                                  Two big eyes and large mouth

                              It's my first time to photograph such eerie sky. Do you see what I see?
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Not feeling well

Sorry my friend bloggers I was not able to blog hop today. I am not feeling well. I have a high fever and a cough. It started yesterday afternoon when the snow also came back ^_^ Will visit you all soon. But had to take a good rest for now.

My 4th Featured Blogger

It's the time again.  I just featured my 4th Blogger at my blog come and visit it here
My Featured Blogger

ABC Wednesday-J

It's the time again for ABC Wednesday and the letter for this week is J!

My step-daughter gave this to me. A huge blue JAR.

Julienned carrots

A JOYRIDE around the blueberry farm.

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A knock at the door in the middle of the night

Hubby was sick and so I stay awake to see to it that I could gave him his medicine at the right time. He was at the bedroom sleeping when around 12:30midnight I heard a loud knock at the front door. I was in front of my laptop playing games, when I heard a car door closed. Though I didn't noticed  a car headlight pull through the driveway but when I heard the loud knock, I was startled!! WHAT THE HECK??? I thought who could it be? I immediately went to the bedroom and I saw hubby was already standing and asked me who is was. I said I don't know, and I asked him back if someone of his children called him to visit him in this wee hour in the morning and he said of course not. I told hubby to be careful and so he grabbed his gun and I was holding the cellphone. Then again we heard another banging at the door and hubby asked,
Hubby: What's going on?? And a female voice shouted back.
Female : There is a cat that is hit and it's in the middle of the road!!
Hubby:  says, we d…

Power Star

Hubby and I had been using this for almost 7 years now. And it does worked on us pretty good. I've been hearing from my relatives alone that they pay a lot for their electric bills. But I would tell you guys if you have this small gadget you will amaze how it works for you and your pocket, ^_^ And for the record we are selling this so if anyone wants to inquire message me. 

Product Description

Rate Voltage: 110-250VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz
Working Temperature: -15 degree to 60 degree
Single phase model
Use one POWER STAR Saver for every 18, 000 watts

The device must be plugged in firmly. Avoid loose connections.
This device can store electrical charge, wait for 10 seconds after the electrical supply is switched off before unplugging the device.
Keep away from children.
Do not tamper, open or repair the POWER STAR Saver by yourself, call your dealer or distributor for service.

This device operates by adjusting the power factor of …


I had a pair of Cardinals that keep on visiting my bird feeder. When I see them I grabbed my camera and noiselessly crept at the window and behind a curtain tried to look where the birds are located. What I like in cardinal is that they don't fly too quick even if they noticed a little sound or movement unlike some other birds.

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Keep your eyes to the sign

Last month hubby and I went to Detroit. I like walking around Detroit it has many buildings there that is worth taking picture but because it's still cold we drove around and parked the car and just walked towards that place that we are supposed to be.
                                                         The sign at the parking lot

                                      Ahhhhummm nobody wants to mess up with this one!! ^_^

                                  I like to eat in a diner it's a place sometimes you eat good food.

                                  We just passed this place, a known place for any kind of events.

     When we passed this sign, hubby asked me did you bring our passport? Of course, I didn't but will see this Spring or Summer will be there. But I asked hubby is that the thing that we have to passed a tunnel? And he said yes, that made me think, I am claustrophobic!!
                                                    The United States of America