Keep your eyes to the sign

Last month hubby and I went to Detroit. I like walking around Detroit it has many buildings there that is worth taking picture but because it's still cold we drove around and parked the car and just walked towards that place that we are supposed to be.
                                                         The sign at the parking lot

                                      Ahhhhummm nobody wants to mess up with this one!! ^_^

                                  I like to eat in a diner it's a place sometimes you eat good food.

                                  We just passed this place, a known place for any kind of events.

     When we passed this sign, hubby asked me did you bring our passport? Of course, I didn't but will see this Spring or Summer will be there. But I asked hubby is that the thing that we have to passed a tunnel? And he said yes, that made me think, I am claustrophobic!!
                                                    The United States of America
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You can come here thru the Ambassador Bridge if you don't want to use the tunnel. :)
I live close to the bridge. I'll wait for you. :)

My Mellow Yellow
Luna Miranda said…
Haha! Willa will wait for you with a banner! great photos...i was in Detroit for a few hours, a stopover.:p

Mellow Yellow Monday
Mona said…
pretty place kelan ko kaya mararating hehe, happy mym
Liz said…
Beautiful shots.

Have a fabulous week!

My Mellow Yellow.
Life Moto said…
mukhang nag travel trip ka Kim. happy Monday to you all

Life Moto - Happy Monday!
Detroit is a wonderful place...
They threaten to tow away your car and put up a happy face?


They say just a touch of the gold
Will make even timid ones bold;
Try yellow, not blue,
And bright amber too—
Do not be left out in the cold!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Golden Ripe Mangos
January said…
thanks for taking me to USA thru your pictures..

Camouflage Insect
Souvenir Mug
Hazelicious929 said…
nice photos. I've never been to Detroit or even Michigan. I wish someday.

gengen said…
Nice shots.happy MYM!
STEF said…
Oh nice! Creative shots you have there! Mine is HERE.
Vinni said…
Interesting sequence of shots, I advice you to take the tunnel route whenever you do - either you will enjoy the tunnel or you will know if you are claustrophobic :)
jeannette said…
I get it: NO refunds for tow-away....:)
Mirage said…
haha, very welcoming Willa! Shutterhappy in detroit...enjoy!
clavs said…
looks like smiley is sad? LOL!
Hi Manang Kim, long time no visit to your blog.
Yellow Cala
Carolyn said…
I been to Detroit once only but I was not able to go around. I would love to go back there someday and buy shooter glass(souvenirs)for my collection hehe

nice photos:-)

My Mellow Yellow Monday
Jidhu Jose said…
nice shots for the respective themes
Anne said…
Nice smile of the smiley face LOL

Mellow Yellow Monday
Carolyn Ford said…
I LOVE the smiley face beside that parking could it be ignored! Very cute!
SmilingSally said…
Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday.
Gattina said…
and did you go to Canada ? lol !
chubskulit said…
Gorgeous photos to start the week!

My Mellow Yellow, come and see. have a nice day!
Rajesh said…
Wonderful collection of images.
Leovi said…
Great photos. A very funny sequence. Greetings.
genny said…
nice shots mommy Kim para na rin akong nag tour. happy BM!

btw, if you have time do visit and follow my new blog.

thanks in advance.:-)
Linnea said…
A fun collection of signs! The flags looks great fluttering in a group. Thanks for stopping by at mine. Enjoy the day.
Mar said…
Thanks for the virtual tour :) Great signs too.
My ☽
EG Wow said…
Lots of cool signs! Thanks, Kim!
Inger-M said…
Love the smily guy with the frowning eyebrows!
Anonymous said…
so close to canada. do we need passport to go to canada? i thought that id was sufficient.

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