A knock at the door in the middle of the night

Hubby was sick and so I stay awake to see to it that I could gave him his medicine at the right time. He was at the bedroom sleeping when around 12:30midnight I heard a loud knock at the front door. I was in front of my laptop playing games, when I heard a car door closed. Though I didn't noticed  a car headlight pull through the driveway but when I heard the loud knock, I was startled!! WHAT THE HECK??? I thought who could it be? I immediately went to the bedroom and I saw hubby was already standing and asked me who is was. I said I don't know, and I asked him back if someone of his children called him to visit him in this wee hour in the morning and he said of course not. I told hubby to be careful and so he grabbed his gun and I was holding the cellphone. Then again we heard another banging at the door and hubby asked,

Hubby: What's going on?? And a female voice shouted back.
Female : There is a cat that is hit and it's in the middle of the road!!
Hubby:  says, we don't have a cat!!
Female voice said, you don't?
Hubby said : nope we don't have a pet cat!!
Female said : Oh okey!

We don't open door to anybody, sorry! And my husband's family and children knew, that I suggested  it that if they are going to visit us they are going to call us. BUT!! I won't open any door before they arrive because when I knew they are coming I am already looking at the window waiting for them. It's my rule and thankfully hubby agreed to it. You see we live in the country side and so many murders, or random killings, home invasion, or robbery happen even if you live away from the civilization.

So last night, we are startled and if it is really true that a cat is being hit and is in the middle of the road, what the heck it's only a cat, I knew some people love their cat but here is my analogy if it's a pet cat do you think that the owner won't find the cat before daylight is over?? When we didn't heard the female voice again, I ran to the other room and pick out the window and what I saw is a car pulling out at our driveway. 

Ain't that scary??


Joyful said…
It is scary and thankfully your hubby was home! I pray that person won't come back. It is a good rule you have not to open the door to anyone. I live in the city and I do not open the door either unless I am expecting someone. It seems they always pick the time when I am sick to knock on the door too!
RyHeAnNe said…
It is really scary Ate, you just did the right thing. It's better to be prepared than sorry. Ako nga dito may phobia na sa ring ng doorbell, Di mo naman kasi makita ang tao sa labas walang peep hole.
Maria @ LSS said…
Kakatakot nga. Kami rin we don't open doors basta basta. Lalo ngayon ang hirap ng panahon.

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