ABC Wednesday-J

                          It's the time again for ABC Wednesday and the letter for this week is J!

My step-daughter gave this to me. A huge blue JAR.

Julienned carrots

A JOYRIDE around the blueberry farm.

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Joyful said…
It's a large and beautiful jar :-)
Tumblewords: said…
A wonderful gifted jar. It would be fun to take a joyride through the berry fields!
The jar looks precious and beautiful. It must be a prized jar from some dynasty in China. J can also stand for joyful, that's what we have if we have Christ in our hearts. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
That jar is gorgeous.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
Ms. Burrito said…
Very interesting J and so pretty too.

Please come and meet the J's in my Family, hope to see you around, thanks!
Wanda said…
That jar is absolutely marvelous. In fact all your J's are great!
VioletSky said…
the jar is lovely.
George said…
This is a wonderful 'J' post. Actually, you have two Js in your last picture. The tractor is a John Deere.
kat said…
wow, ang ganda at ang laki ng jar...hindi pwede yan dito sa 'min Kim...siguradong mababasag kaagad hehe.

Happy ABC Wed.
Lots of great J's that I wouldn't have thought of. I'd planned for MYM but forgot to link this week. Hope you ladies had fun!
This post has been extremely insightful and useful to increase my knowledge in the field of knowledge and its many facets. Thank you very much, I will certainly come back to visit often and definitely tell some of my internet-inclined friends to visit this site. Keep posting and expressing your knowledge and opinions strong!
Mona said…
beautiful jar actually i'm thinking of Jar also for my J entry but just change my mind :)
Meryl said…
I like all those "J's"
fredamans said…
Lovely jar!
Jingle said…
handsome Jar.
Nanka said…
Love the blue Jar, a beautiful gift and I love blueberry jam!! Must have it for breakfast tomorrow!!

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