New Family Traditions

Growing up I always hear the word our Filipino culture and family tradition or Filipino tradition. At school from grade school, to high school and even college we have a subjects that talked about this two. When I came here in the US and took my oath as a US citizen I couldn't forget what the judge told us, we came here from other country and with us we brought our culture and tradition. And to become a US citizen doesn't mean that we have to forget our culture and tradition. That word stuck in my mind and that is why people all over the world love this country, or is it?? Hehehe! But here is a new family traditions in this fast pace generations that we are in now...
  • Spontaneous day. Choose Sunday as your "spontaneous family day," when one person gets to choose an activity that you can do together, like checking out neighboring village houses or a visit at the zoo. But this is after all the family members went to church. Agree?
  • Volunteer together. As a family, help out somewhere once a month or once a year. Choose a day that's special only for your family and serve together at an orphanage or home for the aged. You can go to Salvation Army (the whole family) once a month to volunteer help the kitchen soup!
  • Shake up story time. Instead of reading the same storybooks to your children, you can let the child tell his or her story to you. Be his or her secretary and write down the story on a nice paper, illustrate it and make a "book" out of the pages by binding the pages together. I remember growing up my father used to tell us his stories growing up. It's really cool because we knew how he is as a boy.
  • Celebrate "opposite" day. Set aside a day of the year your family can do that is opposite of your usual haunts - hike watching a basketball game for your bookworm family or going to a stage play if you're regular TV watchers. Or do backyard cleaning once a month on Saturday's if you are all a couch potato's hehehehe. Go to the park and walk around rather walk around inside the shopping mall. ^_^


IMRIZ said…
i was making "sermon" with my kids earlier and one line i did remember after a looong sermon was..."whatever it is that differs toda'y kids from how we were brought up then, still, family values must be always be intact in every person" na ata mga anakis ko s pakikinig ^_^

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