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Black Friday...

woke up this morning at 8:35am I was so darn tired!! After my hubbies children are all gone I hopped in bed and just a click of the finger I dozed to sleep at around 5:oopm.To wrap-up about yesterdays events..I woke up at around 3:00am. Got to start cooking preparing the table. Around noon time I was kind of tired hubby took me to sit down for awhile and right in where I was seated I dozed to sleep. Then at about 1:30pm hubbies children came by this time the turkey was already ready. I was so proud of my first turkey it was not dry and my stuffing the guests all do like it. Oh well, all the recipes I just copied it from the cooking magazine so how could I be wronged??!!After the feastive eating it was time for some game and so we played a board game called apples to apples which I do like it alot since I came out a winner all the time lol! After awhile the turkey kicks in some guests like to go home they feel sleepy lol! And so am I. So we bid goodbyes and thanking them they came to c…

Our brown eggs....

Is better than the eggs that we buy in the store. First day I got one egg only it means only one chicken lay an egg when I fry it I had two yolker it thrilled me. The next day I got two and it add up day after day. Now, the minimum of eggs that we could get from the chicken coop is at least a dozen. As a return and being grateful of what we've got we gave dozens of eggs to our neighbors first before selling them. Neighbors are thankful they missed the real original farm eggs for a long time and they call me now "the egg lady" hehe. On the other note, it thrilled me to picked up the eggs after the hens lay their eggs. Hubby sometimes can't wait to take the egg, he likes to dig his hands to where momma hen is seated hehe. Now, I can recognize if the hen is trying to lay her egg because of how she cackles putputputakkkputakkktakkkk!!

Addicted to......

Apple cider!! Yes I am addicted to apple cider now. Three years ago I don't even tried to even look at it but hubby keep on telling me why not try. And every summer when apples are ready to picked and apple cider are fresh he always asked me if I like to go to this cider mill, but I only go with him because I like to see those patches of pumpkins, apples in the crates, carameled apple etc. But this year I was hooked to it. At first we had to travel to at least 13 miles to visit an apple farm and has a cider mill too. That infact, we have a neighbor here that is just right in the corner from where our house is located. One Sunday after church, I remember we are out of apple cider so we stopped by the farm and bought a gallon of apple cider. To my surprised their apple cider is more tastier than what we used to buy. This one is not sweet though and their apple cider donut is just so yummy and not sweet too. To add it up they are .50 cents cheaper than the one we used to buy a very g…

Weekend is here again

It's weekend again and the air is getting more chilly but one thing though snow is not yet here a good thing (morning).
To wrap up the weekdays last Wednesday...November 12 is my 4th year to stepped on American soil. Hubby was planning on bringing me to a dinner but it was raining and kind of gloomy outside so I opted to stay home and fixed our dinner instead. Thursday, we went to Harveys to have our brunch with the family. Stayed there for more than 3 hours!! Just making chikka2x then we all ended up ordering the dessert. I ordered pecan pie with one scope of ice cream it was so sweet I asked hubby to eat some but he is not into very sweet food so I eat it all. Had a guilty feeling after eating the pie, when we get home I raked more leaves though we have a blower for that but I was sweating all over which I love it and at least I shed right away all the calories that I get from the pie hoho! Friday, again hubby and I with hubbies two daughters went again to Harveys for breakfast. …

Wood splitting...

Today, we had our first snow fall though it's not that much but it is chilly. So this morning we headed up to Tractor supply store to purchase some gloves and hats to keep us warm while we are outside. Few days ago while the sun is up hubby and split some woods with the help of me of course. The woods keep us warm in winter time without writing a good sum amount of money paying for the propane gas hehe. Good thing that we have a complete "toys" for men like a splitter, chain saw and a trailer. What we need is to get our butt up and work!

Wordless Friday

perteng katawa


nagkanta ug mutya ka baleleng



What happen in the barn stays in the barn!! hehe!

Our weekend activities..

Saturday.......All Saints day....that day was Doreens scheduled Fundraising. She and her husband are members of the Harley-Davidson Riders and the group started the idea. When they planned about this fundraising Doreen was still alive and she saw the hand-outs too bad she was not able to see it happened last Saturday. Relatives and friends and co-riders came. The Fundraising started at 4:00Pm, we ate after we payed our entranced, after eating the Fundraisers encourage us to looked around for the silent auction and the public auction. The silent auction ended up at 7:00pm it was really fun I was bidding for many items but somebody outbid me and I outbidded them but when time was up I was outbidded so I ended up with out nothing. It's my first time to attend an auction and I like it though. Here are some of the pictures. Sunday....All Souls Day...the day was beautiful. We attended mass then we proceeded to visit the grave of Doreens the first time since we buried her last two weeks a…