Weekend is here again

It's weekend again and the air is getting more chilly but one thing though snow is not yet here a good thing (morning).
To wrap up the weekdays last Wednesday...November 12 is my 4th year to stepped on American soil. Hubby was planning on bringing me to a dinner but it was raining and kind of gloomy outside so I opted to stay home and fixed our dinner instead. Thursday, we went to Harveys to have our brunch with the family. Stayed there for more than 3 hours!! Just making chikka2x then we all ended up ordering the dessert. I ordered pecan pie with one scope of ice cream it was so sweet I asked hubby to eat some but he is not into very sweet food so I eat it all. Had a guilty feeling after eating the pie, when we get home I raked more leaves though we have a blower for that but I was sweating all over which I love it and at least I shed right away all the calories that I get from the pie hoho! Friday, again hubby and I with hubbies two daughters went again to Harveys for breakfast. Again more chikka2x about politics, economics, family matters, planning of the next families christmas party, open house, bridal shower, wedding and etc. When you have a huge family it is a blessed!

~~This afternoon we are supposed to go to Oxford museum but the weather turned nasty at first it was heavy rain and all of a sudden it is snow. So we decided to get some groceries and after shopping we ended up having a dinner at Chili's. Here is what we got.
I got spicy chicken glaced with corn cob and french fries.
Hubby got quesadilla with guacamole and rice with beans. The food at Chilis was good though it is more of Mexican kind.


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