Black Friday...

woke up this morning at 8:35am I was so darn tired!! After my hubbies children are all gone I hopped in bed and just a click of the finger I dozed to sleep at around 5:oopm.To wrap-up about yesterdays events..I woke up at around 3:00am. Got to start cooking preparing the table. Around noon time I was kind of tired hubby took me to sit down for awhile and right in where I was seated I dozed to sleep. Then at about 1:30pm hubbies children came by this time the turkey was already ready. I was so proud of my first turkey it was not dry and my stuffing the guests all do like it. Oh well, all the recipes I just copied it from the cooking magazine so how could I be wronged??!!After the feastive eating it was time for some game and so we played a board game called apples to apples which I do like it alot since I came out a winner all the time lol! After awhile the turkey kicks in some guests like to go home they feel sleepy lol! And so am I. So we bid goodbyes and thanking them they came to celebrate with us and hopefully we will do it again this coming Christmas.


marykay said…
Hi Kim, I'm glad you had a nice thanksgiving and your turkey turned out good! Hey wow, minimum dozen eggs? that must be nice! I listened to that video you have here. Obama was not my choice, not only for the abortion topic but also for his lack of experience, his lack of integrity, his lack of patriotism, etc. But I wont go into that again...In terms of abortion, babies arms, legs, arms, are formed by 2nd week and by 3rd-5th weeks, all their organs. Right now, I work in a hospital located in a rough part of town, specifically in Labor and Delivery. It's shocking how many of these young women have had abortions. Its very sad and sinful as evidenced by your abortion ticker...shocking numbers.
Manang Kim said…
Hello Kay, long time no hear but I know your bz with your internship. But thanks so much for dropping by here.
Fortunately, my first turkey turned out really good and my stuffing too that is why I am set for next years Thanksgiving party again lol I just build my confidence hehe. Though it is winter, my chickens still lay some eggs not as many as spring and summer though.
If I can vote Obama is not my choice too for so many reasons. they claim (the liberals) that the war take a lot of people from war but they close their eyes when the issue of abortion bring out in the open. As for my ticker that is how many babies we lose in this country of ours. GOD will never be happy with this.
Thanks again Kay for swinging by be careful in your duty and take care all the time. God bless!!

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