Our weekend activities..

Saturday.......All Saints day....that day was Doreens scheduled Fundraising. She and her husband are members of the Harley-Davidson Riders and the group started the idea. When they planned about this fundraising Doreen was still alive and she saw the hand-outs too bad she was not able to see it happened last Saturday. Relatives and friends and co-riders came. The Fundraising started at 4:00Pm, we ate after we payed our entranced, after eating the Fundraisers encourage us to looked around for the silent auction and the public auction. The silent auction ended up at 7:00pm it was really fun I was bidding for many items but somebody outbid me and I outbidded them but when time was up I was outbidded so I ended up with out nothing. It's my first time to attend an auction and I like it though. Here are some of the pictures.
Sunday....All Souls Day...the day was beautiful. We attended mass then we proceeded to visit the grave of Doreens the first time since we buried her last two weeks ago. Hubby didn't get out from the car so I was in her newly grave site took some pictures and I put a little kit-kat chocolate on top of her flower bouquet she loves chocolate.
My lucy (who else thats the name of my car) was so dirty because sometimes when we picked up my sister in law we have to passed on a dirt road so lucy was soooo dirty but not stinky hehe. We didn't spend much money on car washing it is only $5 hehe plus tip of $2.


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