Our brown eggs....

Is better than the eggs that we buy in the store. First day I got one egg only it means only one chicken lay an egg when I fry it I had two yolker it thrilled me. The next day I got two and it add up day after day. Now, the minimum of eggs that we could get from the chicken coop is at least a dozen. As a return and being grateful of what we've got we gave dozens of eggs to our neighbors first before selling them. Neighbors are thankful they missed the real original farm eggs for a long time and they call me now "the egg lady" hehe. On the other note, it thrilled me to picked up the eggs after the hens lay their eggs. Hubby sometimes can't wait to take the egg, he likes to dig his hands to where momma hen is seated hehe. Now, I can recognize if the hen is trying to lay her egg because of how she cackles putputputakkkputakkktakkkk!!


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