Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Water World Wednesday

                                              WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                         Episode 94, Year 2

Hello everyone! How's your weekdays? As for us here in my neck of woods we are anticipating for the arrival of a snow storm tomorrow. I really thought that snow is gone for good this year since I feel spring already but heck no!! The weather forecast says that we are going to have at least 6-8 inches of snow, well bring it on then!! Anyhow, I have the fascination of covered bridges and I only saw two of them here in MI. One I saw in Frankenmuth and one up north in Empire where the sand dune is. So here is what I missed but would love to see this again this spring or summer...

                                                       Frankenmuth, MI covered bridge

                                                                     A small relpica!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Water World Wednesday

                                                 WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                        Episode 9, Year 2

Last fall hubby and I went to our favorite place which is the up north of Michigan. Well that time we went to Tahquamenon Falls in the upper peninsula and it is so pretty in there. It was not cold because it was summer but we don't know what to expect and or see and how it goes. This time we know where to go and what to do, lol! In these photos you can get to that place by walking around the lake to that little beach. I chickened out because my hubby doesn't want to walk with me and I do not like walking around the lake alone though I see people on the left side (not picture taken) but heck no! That's why I said we don't know what to do or how it goes...but now we know so this year we are going back and walk around and enjoy!! 

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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Promise Rings

After spring break parents look forward to vacation time. Two of my hubby's great grand kids are going to graduate in high school. As early as summer of last year they are already inviting people to come to their open house. Oh well since it was too early we didn't comment anything yet but we looked at joy jewelers promise rings as our gift to two beautiful girls. Both they do make good at school they joined a cheer leading in their schools and compete to different school and even went to nationals. So I guess it is just nice to give them a promise ring for such a good kids.

Water World Wednesday

                                                     WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                              Episode 92, Year 2

I remember this in grade school.....in my curious mind..where does the water come from...how does the water go up...etc etc..

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Pocket Letters Recieved

Last week I was very happy I received five Pocket Letters from my Pocket letter swap friends. What I like in Pocket Letters is that every PL is different, all are pretty, all are unique and just adorable to look at.

Nothing is not pretty they are all adorable that's why I like making them. #pocket letters #pocketletterswap

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Water World Wednesday

                                                  WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                         Episode 91, Year 2

Yay! It's the first Tuesday of February and couldn't believe we are in the month of February again. It's the heart month and thinking of going to a warm place already. Though here in my neck of woods we have a great weather so far. I saw some farm they are already tilling their farm land and it's only February!! Yesterday and today I felt it is like spring already. We had rained for few days and thanking it's not snow. So, when the weather warms up I couldn't think of my native country Philippines. In our place there is a place that we go that we could see some animals but what amazes me is the bridge, lol!! So messy to look from afar and oh I call this a bamboo bridge since it's made by bamboos.

                                                                    Dare to cross??

                                        Not bad right? And there is no crocodile so not really bad! Lol!

My First Christian Pocket Letter

Well here is my first Christian PL. I would like to swap this one but because it is my first it has a sentimental value to it. After this first PL I made several ones that are gorgeous and pretty but oh well first is original therefore I will keep this for my collection.


Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...