Water World Wednesday

                                              WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                         Episode 94, Year 2

Hello everyone! How's your weekdays? As for us here in my neck of woods we are anticipating for the arrival of a snow storm tomorrow. I really thought that snow is gone for good this year since I feel spring already but heck no!! The weather forecast says that we are going to have at least 6-8 inches of snow, well bring it on then!! Anyhow, I have the fascination of covered bridges and I only saw two of them here in MI. One I saw in Frankenmuth and one up north in Empire where the sand dune is. So here is what I missed but would love to see this again this spring or summer...

                                                       Frankenmuth, MI covered bridge

                                                                     A small relpica!


Liz said…
That looks lovely!
the small replica is such a cute version of that covered bridge, nice.
Mascha said…
Covered bridges are very fascinating! Never seen one here in Germany.
Hope, the snow storm will not be so bad... we have snow too in this morning again.
Have a joy in your day
Covered bridges are fun to see, and also the boat in your first pic. Stay warm when it snows:)
Linda said…
Nice bridges! We had really heavy rain this afternoon.

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