Pocket Letters Recieved

Last week I was very happy I received five Pocket Letters from my Pocket letter swap friends. What I like in Pocket Letters is that every PL is different, all are pretty, all are unique and just adorable to look at.

Nothing is not pretty they are all adorable that's why I like making them. #pocket letters #pocketletterswap

                                     Linking to Blue Monday


SmilingSally said…
Hi Kim,

How creative! You must have been excited to get yours.

Please come back and tell me what you think of my Super bowl post.

Thanks for playing today.

Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!
Lea said…
I had never heard of pocket letters before - what a great idea!
Joy H said…
Pretty Pocket Letters. I don't know much about these but they look really
creative. Have a great week!
Joy @ Books and Life
Linda said…
Those are very nice!

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