Water World Wednesday

                                                  WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                         Episode 91, Year 2

Yay! It's the first Tuesday of February and couldn't believe we are in the month of February again. It's the heart month and thinking of going to a warm place already. Though here in my neck of woods we have a great weather so far. I saw some farm they are already tilling their farm land and it's only February!! Yesterday and today I felt it is like spring already. We had rained for few days and thanking it's not snow. So, when the weather warms up I couldn't think of my native country Philippines. In our place there is a place that we go that we could see some animals but what amazes me is the bridge, lol!! So messy to look from afar and oh I call this a bamboo bridge since it's made by bamboos.

                                                                    Dare to cross??

                                        Not bad right? And there is no crocodile so not really bad! Lol!


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