Water World Wednesday

                             Welcome to Water World Wednesday
                                                              Episode 36, Year 1

It's the first week of December and I cannot believe how time flies so quick sometimes I get lost hehe. The weather here in Michigan is as usual a bit crazy. Two days now it rained, few days ago we had a little bit of snow and sometimes it get warm. By being warm here in Michigan I'd say it is about 50F that is warm already hehe. My photos were taken last summer. I did play some colors on it and lets see what you can say about it.

                                                              What do you think?

                Time to showcase your water photos and please do take time to visit our fellow bloggers.


January said…
Good Morning Ate Kim!

I love the first photo. :)
Luna Miranda said…
i like the sepia treatment.
we're also having strange weather--it's still too hot for December. and of course, there's a big storm that increases the humidity.
Gemma Wiseman said…
I think I like the atmosphere of the first photo! Very creative!
NixBlog said…
Interesting treatments of this photo!
Thanks for hosting.
I love the "purple irreal" 2nd shot...
You've got strange weather there.
Awesome results, Kim. Most like the first pic -classic and dramatic :)
Take care!
eden said…
These are all beautiful but I have a favourite and that is the second one.
Karen said…
What a lovely footbridge. I like your post processing!
I like the bridge....I bet it's really pretty in real time. Snow, rain, and warm....good time to get a flu shot I suppose. They say you don't catch flu with temp fluctuations, but why then so many get the flu with unpredictable weather?!!!
Leovi said…
Exquisite pictures, I like them all wonderful colors in three variations. Greetings.
NatureFootstep said…
I think the purple one is the better one.

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