Mulled Wine

     I was young when I learn how to cook. My father taught me how to cook and how to prepare the ingredients. When I was in high school, my Aunt is a teacher of home economics in our school. These two special people are my heroes before and so growing up I like cooking and then marketing. I love to cut recipes from magazines, comics, books and I always watch cooking shows. It got me interested when the ingredients are easy to find and get me frustrated when the ingredients are hard to find or I do not know the ingredients. 
     Last Thanksgiving I did not make a dinner we went to my stepson’s house. However, this Christmas I told to myself that I would prepare something for dinner. Christmas is very special to me it reminds me of my family back in the Philippines when food overflow the table and we the kids were happy about it. We do not have gifts but we have lots of food. As the days and Christmas day is fast approaching, I am collecting recipes and putting it in my menu. One thing that I am excited to do is the mulled wine recipe. This will be my first time to follow Chef Adam Gray recipe. I went to the grocery today and started to look for some ingredients and find some. Hope everybody will like what I am going to serve this Christmas crossing my finger.


Leovi said…
Yes, very good, I like the mulled wine!
John King said…
I found the information very helpful.

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