I remember when I was in high school one of our activities in our English class is to do debates. Debates are fun especially if the moderator is your teacher. I found out that I am not good in debates because I tend to lose my temper. When my opponents try to wiggle the not so truthful statement and pretend that, his statement is the right one I kind to get mad. 
     Fast forward in this generation we can find sites that do some debates online. I was in different forum several times and oftentimes the issue get heat up sometimes the moderator has to ban the people who cannot control there feeling. For me people who do well in debates are skillful in this area. This person also should know what is she/he is talking about. Because in debate we cannot jump around we have to focus the issue and know how to rebuttal if something comes up. One time I was in this Debate online and it just made me laugh because people say something way out of the topic. I do not know if they try to ruin the discussion or just try to say something. One thing I like to do debate online is that when there is a doubt of a certain issue I can look at it immediately and I got the answer right in my monitor. I do not know if the high school do have debates in school I do hope that they do because a good debater is most likely a very good 


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