Letter- V

In my hometown in the Philippines along the bay area this scenario is very common. Can you VISUALIZE  a house in this skeletal bamboo formation?

                                         In the Philippines you can see VENDORS anywhere. They offer food, bottled water, pop, fruits, etc.

And this is how they sell the food. When a bus or car stops they run towards the VEHICLE and shout what they have to offer. It does help a lot specially if you travel far. They do not have a rest stop (in my province) area like what we have here in the US. There is a terminal stop for the buses but this scenario is the most common thing you see in most provinces in the Philippines.

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Shilpa said…
It’s a common sight here in India also. Esp. at the roadside bus stands and at signals. Nice candid on the sellers! Like the house built on bay. Beautiful Kim!

Came via subbu’s blog.
Reader Wil said…
We saw the same in Egypt. We could hardly visit a sight there were vendors everywhere. Great post, Kim! Have a great Wednesday.
Wil, ABC Team.
Carver said…
Great sequence of shots. I can visualize the house in the framework in the first shot. Carver ABC-Wed. Team
they look very entrepreneurial
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
This post has been my favorite so far! I love that you have so much personal interaction with the people that you buy your food from! Fantastic!
Jama said…
It's a similar scene in Indonesia too, but none here in Singapore as one need a license to be a vendor with proper rented stalls and definitely not by the roadside.
Luna Miranda said…
oh yes, i miss these scenes in the province.:p there are still vendors in the bus terminals in Manila but i think the bus companies controls them. great shots.
Andy David said…
In the more rural parts of the Caribbean, it's like this too. I commend them for trying to make a living any way they can. Great shots Kim! Thanks for sharing & visiting.

Voice In The Wind
Lmkazmierczak said…
Nice V post. I enjoyed my Visit♫
Meryl said…
What a lovely 'virtual vacation' learning about a world so far from mine...thanks!
Rajesh said…
I liked that bamboo skeleton of the house.
Hazel said…
"knock knock" goes the guy in pink porontong :)
chubskulit said…
Alm mo namimiss ko sa mga vendors ate? Yung itlog ng pugo hehehe. Nice captures.

Eye View
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team
Joops said…
I wonder what happen to the bamboo house's roof?

Variety of Wild Birds, have a nice day.
Joy said…
Great shots of the vendors, I'm now wondering what is in the box of the last photo.
I have never seen vendors approaching cars like that, so this was a fascinating and beautifully photographed post. Here (Vancouver, Canada), a few young people approach cars waiting at lights, wanting to wash the windows. I did visualize the house.

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