Baby Goldfinch

I think this is a baby goldfinch. He is very tiny his legs is too little it's just so cute!! I immediately grab my camera and took a snap.

Last Wednesday I arrived from a month long vacation (in Philippines). I immediately checked on my flowers and lo and behold the flowers that my Aunt gave to me last year bloomed. I do not know the name of this flower but I so loving it.

Then my Asiatic Lily are blooming like crazy. As you can see some weeds tries to cover them, hubby never try to clean up my flower beds, geezzz!! Then the next day I tried to clean all of the flower beds including my garden in one day I've got blisters. Reason learn I should wear garden gloves but for me I like to feel the soil the flowers, the weeds. Are you like me too? Like to clean the garden with bare hands? ^_^

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Beautiful mosaics in yellow, Kim!
Vee said…
Lovely mosaics and yellow is the perfect color. (Yes, my favorite.)

Isn't it fun to have a flower we'd sort of forgotten about bloom?!
Jama said…
He's cute but I still love the flowers shot!
Carletta said…
They are both beautiful Kim!
I have pink lilies but they haven't bloomed yet. :(

Welcome Home!!
eileeninmd said…
Hi Kim, cute shots of the Goldfinch. And I love your pretty lilies, so bright and cheery. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.
From The Heart said…
Beautiful yellow flowers!
Finches are so cute, we get lots of them on our feeders.
GrandmaK said…
Nearly missed you this morning! I think your pictures are so bold and beautiful. Like Wayne I think your finches are cute! Have a wonderful day! Cathy
Snap said…
I love yellow ... flowers and birds!!! Fun post.
chubskulit said…
Asian lily pala tawag dyan, meron din ako nyan and the other yellow.

Visiting from MYM. Here are some Yellows at our Paddle Boats adventure. Have a nice week ahead.
Leah H. said…
Beautiful Yellows specially the bird..

Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by:)
Gunilla said…
I love the yellow lilies!
Wonderful yellow pictures.... and the bird is so sweet...
Yellow flowers have such a cheerful feeling to them. I like the little bird too.
Valerie said…
Gorgeous captures of the Goldfinches Kim, and those lillies are among my favourite flowers. Hope your holiday went well.

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