Water World Wednesday

WELCOME to WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY....a time to showcase your photos and be a celebrity!
Do not forget to visit your blogger friends this is a blog hop the more hops you made the better and the merrier!


Ebie said…
Cheers for our weekly gathering for watery shots!
Kim, USA said…
Hi Ebie! Cheers!! ^_^ Thanks for coming!
NixBlog said…
I guess there's a lot of water in beer, Kim! Your photo is good enough to be used for an advertisement :-)
Now why do I feel thirsty?

Thanks for hosting!
Kim, USA said…
Yay thanks for that compliment Nix. I know it made me thirsty too. ^_^
Luna Miranda said…
i agree with Nick, this looks like an ad. great shot!
Leovi said…
Yes, I love this photo and beer, beautiful.
Wonderful photo, Kim.
HansHB said…
as we say in Norway when drinking beer!
Great shots1
Beautiful picture!
Good on a hot day.

Greetings from Norway
Thanks for taking the time to stop by Kim. Your hosting this meme each week is much appreciated. And I must say, the icy cold beer looks so very refreshing. It was already 90 degrees for a high yesterday. Too hot for early May. See you next week, if not before.

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