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Last month hubby and I went to visit his two brothers in Texas. It was my second time to visit San Antonio, Texas and I like it there. Since we are, the visiting relatives all the relatives there invited us for dinner there houses. I tell you what there house there are huge as in super huge. I think our house is just a garage ha-ha. However, what I like most is there Max Furniture that just popped out from any corner of the house. I did not know about Max Furniture until my SIL told me that they bought it from Max Furniture. What a way to live but of course live a good life by having very good furniture. I remember I happen to watch this show and this decorator told the audience that it is necessary to have good furniture. Furniture that will last a long time and Max Furniture has all that quality. Wish someday I could have it too.


Rita said…
That is why I buy the antiques. They have already lasted one lifetime and I know they will outlast me. The new stuff is not only not as well constructed but it does not have the character of the antiques. We have been slowing converting back to the furniture of my grandparent's era.
Rita said…
Oh Kim! I for got to tell you that I like your blog design and all the Catholic information. Did I ever mention that I am the oldest of thirteen children and I have two brothers that are Catholic priest.
Jeo Fazzio said…
Modern FurnitureFor several reasons, parenting and home improvement tasks is given to moms alone.

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