All Star Glass

My cousin called me yesterday telling me about what happened to her the other day. She said if it rains it pours and I know immediately what it means. Sometimes it is for good or bad news turn out her story is bad news, lol! She told while she was driving last weekend a big stone flew hitting her windshield and what a damage it bring. Good for her she lives in San Diego, California All Star Glass is known for very good business dealing and All Star Glass deals with windshield replacement and repairs too. I told her she is lucky to have these kinds of services because All Star Glass is available nigh and day and they are there ready to serve you. If it does happen to me here in Michigan I do not know who to call I do not know anyone with that kind of service. Hubby discovers a crack in our windshield today and I hope it won’t get to a point that we have to change the windshield. I am crossing my fingers to this though.


Beautiful post thanks for sharing Joann

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