My L For This Week

                                               We see LABELS everywhere

                                                 I am craving for LEMON pie!!

This is our post LAMP at the back of our backyard.

My  Chinese LANTERN is here!

                                                Happy ABC WEDNESDAY  to all!


chubskulit said…
Wow ganda nyang lantern mo ate.. Nasa Nostalgic ang ABC ko or should I say sa lahat ng blogs ko meron but your opinion on my post in Nostalgic will be highly appreciated.

Nostalgia bukas, join ka ulit hehehe. Mwah!
LAST time I had LEMON merigue pie, it wasn't nearly as good as it was in my memory.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
Andy said…
Haven't had it in sometime, but I love lemon meringue pie.

Nice photos.

Thanks for sharing.

The Last Kiss
helenmac said…
Leaping lizards, Kim, those are great photos for L!
pri said…
i loved the chinese lantern...amazing photos!!! :)
Mama Zen said…
I want that pie!
Ann said…
In Borneo, we have a similar plant like the Chinese Lantern. It is a vine, and as kids , we used to eat them.

I send you some leomns, you send me some lemon meringe pie.
Gigi Ann said…
Lemon Pie is one of my favorites.
jabblog said…
Splendid photos. I like the lamp post and the Chinese lanterns are beautiful.
Jo Bryant said…
lemon meringue pie is still my favourite

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