My First Day

I am a little bit drained today. This morning the women's bible study at our church started and this afternoon is the first day of school at church for religious education. I have 17 kids and they are all 3rd graders. Thankfully, I have an aid or my side kick. His name is John and he is in the 10 grade. I am very thankful that my Religious Education Director assigned me an aide because John helps a lot of little bits and pieces of work. 
Since today is the feast of St. Francis I shared them the story of St. Francis and the Fox. After, I read them the story I made them make a cookie with a shape of a fox paw. It is a click since the kids can easily remember this kind of activity.
I find today as very rewarding and fruitful. My overall rate for myself is perfect 10 I feel that I did say well the topics and I was able to point out the important points of the chapter. So everything is fine now and looking forward to next Tuesday. Good night everyone!


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