Why I use Carbonite

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I had experienced crashes with my laptop few years ago. I was devastated because all my photos were there and my hubby’s important files were there too. I did not backup my photos and my hubby’s documents because I thought it would not happen to me. However, I was very wrong. When my laptop crashes I was in panic and I do not know what to do. Hubby and I went to a repair person and he told us that he could not retrieve the files or the photos it was a blow from me. I so love those photos and all of it were gone. That experienced opened my eyes to find an online backup .
When I got my new laptop, I forgot to find a computer backup thankfully, hubby reminded me about what happened and since then I looked for an affordable one. A friend introduces me to Carbonite . She has been using this since 2007 and she and her husband were happy about it they never have a problem retrieving certain file or photos or music. So out of curiosity I visited the Carbonite website and read a very positive review from the experts. When I read experts saying something may it be positive or negative review it made me think but for Carbonite it is all very good. I also found out that it does not take a scientific mind to install it. It is very easy and after installing it will launch for you then you can do whatever you want because Carbonite works as a computer backup
Today, I visited there website and an offer code BLOGAD is offered with two free months with purchase.  It is only $59.99/ a year you can try a free 15 days trial, no credit card required.  It offers free mobile apps so you can access, enjoy and share your files from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Android or Blackberry Smartphone. It is founded in 2005, Carbonite has safely recover over 7 billion files that otherwise have been lost forever! It is easy, fast and hassle free to get a backup files for you. Remember it does not take a scientific mind to figure out how to install Carbonite just visit the site and try it. You would never regret it. 
Carbonite Online Backup

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