Broken address signs

Fall is fast approaching here in Michigan our temperature for the whole week is below 70F. Some people here find it very comfortable but for some it is chilly already.
Woke up this morning a little bit early I like to see the sunrise but I like more to see the foggy field though I did not take a picture. I was walking around the house checking my flowers I noticed our address signs is broken. I did not noticed it yesterday but today half of it was on the ground. I think the wind and rain last Saturday was the culprit of why it was broken ^_^. I told hubby that we have to find a good house address plaques the one that won't be broken so easily and we need two of them. He told me before he wanted to put it on the side of our house and one at the mail box but I like to put one address plaque that I could attach to a huge rock right next to the driveway. Aside from that I like it to be clear and the one that illuminates at night specially in Winter when snow is too high and sometimes you almost can not see the mail box ^_^.


Mama Zen said…
Below 70? It's 106 here!
George said…
sI hope you'll send some of that cool weather our way. It was comfortable last night, but still hot today.

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