Properties for sale in Hawaii

I have not been in Hawaii but some of my friends here in Michigan were been there and they said it's great. The temperature is like Philippines and since I am from that country it's the kind of weather that I so like to live when I get old. When the economy went down so many houses all over the country went back to the bank. Many banners along side the road saying home for sale by owner and others, sprouting like mushroom I couldn't really believe it. My friend saw many properties for sale in Hawaii that she couldn't believe it's for sale. She in fact has a liking to one of the house that is very close to where they stayed. Every time they passed the area she always glanced at the house but didn't know what and how to look inside. The funny thing is that until now it's still in her mind. We always jokingly told her to go back there and  try to negotiate who knows it's her house after all. There is no harm in trying I guess!


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