Red gem's

                                                             One sunset after a rainy day        

                                                               My last rose for the year

                                                    Linking this post to RUBY RED TUESDAY


Mika said…
Oh Yeah! Love the red sky photo phenomenal!
Anonymous said…
awesome... indeed!
Art said…
Hey your pictures are beautiful, you're a clever photographer!
Amazing shots - both!!!
Ralph said…
The rose, even the last one of the year, is a beautiful red. But that sky, wow! It appears to be on fire, the last storm clouds give the sky a lovely and bold set of colors!
Patti said…
I left a comment but it's not here. I'll try again.

The rose is perfect for Ruby Tuesday.
Sorry it's the last one of the summer.

And that sunset shot is fantastic!
Great capture.

Thanks for stopping by.
Genie said…
Both are gorgeous and both will be gone only to return again. They will not be exactly the same...but they will return in time. Your captures are stunning. Lovely photography. Genie
The sunset is stunning!


Come in, my dear friends, and be seated, please—
Oh, all of you reds are such a big tease!
Scarlet, you creep over cheeks in a blush;
Crimson, you’re always in such a big rush!
Cherry, you’re tasty and pleasant to see;
Carmine, you utterly satisfy me!
So come in, my friends, and be seated, please—
Of all the colors, I’d rather have these!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Little Red Shopping Bag
George said…
Both of your reds are beautiful, but I hope you'll see many more gorgeous sunsets. I also hope your rose will bloom again this year.

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