Cool stuff

I was in college when I saw this teacher of ours who is a chain smoker. She is our psychology teacher and she can't wait to finished her one class she had to lit a cigarette. She is a very petite lady but I couldn't imagine her smoking like that. One time we asked her when she started smoking and she  told us it started when she was in college. She said she studied hard and in order not to sleep she and her friends would smoke cigarette and that started her addiction. When I graduated college I have not seen her I think she transferred to another school. But it did stick in my mind that when you started something and you don't know how to quit then do not start.
I have known many people who does smoke some were able to stop but some didn't. One friend of mine told me that she accepted the fact that she can't stop. I told her jokingly that the cigarette price is getting expensive already and she just laughed. Only this year that I knew this new electronic cigarette which you can visit there website anytime, and has many flavors to match with it. It was in my hubby's nephew that I have seen one and it's very cool.  The wife of my nephew who smokes wanted me to try one puff and I did. You can taste the flavor and you never miss a puff. Never in my wildest dream that an electronic cigarette could be invented and being used my many now. Until now she is using it and she said it feels the  same and she is satisfied with that. Cool stuff!!


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