Weekend Reflection

                                                  Ready to ride? Here are the fast and furious ^_^

                                                             I find this photo sweet!
                           Swan: Hi Dude how's life out there?
                           Dog :  Oh gush, it's chaotic!!

                                                                 Weekend Reflection


George said…
These are wonderful pictures of reflections on the water. I wish I could be in one of them right now.
Anonymous said…
I like riding this water bike which I have did couple of times here in a boat house and one in Goa. Loved the last one and the comment u added sweetness to it ^_^
Art said…
Wonderful pictures of reflections on the water.
Sylvia K said…
What fantastic watery reflections for the day!! I love the variety of boats! The swan and the dog are terrific! A really delightful post for the day! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by "my barn".
'Tsuki said…
Those are quite some ride for waves... Nice reflections indeed !
Romina said…
Lovely photos, I like most the dog and swan shot, looks cute.

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