I feel blue today

I woke up this morning feeling blue. I was from sleep but woke up with tears on my face. I propped up and started my morning prayer but I just cried and cried.  I feel my heart and my mind is so heavy. Hubby heard me and he come in and consoled me but I can't stopped my crying. 
I don't know where the feeling come from but I remember my dream is not a happy dream. Even now I still feel bad and sad. I think I have to get out and take pictures. It is already tested by me that when I am feeling blue I just have to go near to nature and my natural self will come back. And oh by the way I should put a blue flower but I like the black eyed susan with a bee because it would remind me that what ever I may feel now it will pass. I hope so.


Art said…
Beautiful flower!

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