Mommy Rose

Yesterday I received a letter from Mommy Rose. It's the seeds of double poppy flowers that I once ask when I saw the photos at her blog. I was so excited when I had it and the note says plant it next summer and in separate flower plot since it will thrive fast. But seems I can't wait to next summer to see the flower  I might break the rule Mommy Rose had told me lol! I would like to try to plant at least 10 seeds. By that I had to use a microscope and a hair puller to count ten seeds out of thousands seeds given to me hehe. See the photo on the left side that's the seeds of the double poppy flower. I can't imagine myself to have a landscape of doubled poppy flowers I would be the lucky girl on the block next year hehe. Thanks again Mommy Rose I do appreciate it much!


Anonymous said…
Let poppy flowers bloom to bring smiles around u Kim :)

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