Spring cleaning...

It's almost Summer and I am not done with my Spring cleaning. Two days in a row I've been cleaning our bedrooms. I told to myself one room at a night because if the work overwhelm me I get grumpy. Last Tuesday, I started cleaning our bedroom, in my closet I do a lot of sorting. And I accumulated three black bags full of clothes, geez I couldn't believe I have much that clothes and I have still more to sort out. But I like what I saw inside my closet it has more space and I could go around and look for something without bumping or crawling lol! 
Then yesterday, I did my hubby's closet. I found old receipts and old checks even old bills that are paid still hanging in his box. So I shred a lot of papers and thankfully he can walk on his closet now. For now, I am resting but would have to start cleaning the other bedroom it has a lot of things to sort and shred and then vacuum afterwards. Whewww...now I am sleepy thinking about it ^_^. Now I am thinking I might call pizza delivery and a coke!! To boost my power hehehehe! 


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