More Signs

         While visiting Holland,Michigan during their Tulips Festival I had a chance to find many SIGNS.

                                                      Linking this post to ABC WEDNESDAY
                                                                          and Signs


Sylvia K said…
What fun words/signs for the S Day, Kim! I really enjoyed reading them! Have a wonderful day!

ABC Team
Great signs and the has me leaving with a big smile as it is all too true!
VioletSky said…
I like the 'exit' shoe. I had a pair of wooden shoes that i actually wore in the garden for years. They still sit in a corner by my bookcase.
Love the signs, - I can attest to the last one!
Jama said…
Love that wordings on the cup!
Hahahaha...I love the last sign..kakatuwa pero totoo...nasangit ko sa imong header in pretty kaayo. Happy ABC Wed.
Bill S. said…
I don't know about that cup - I am old and still have plenty of temptations.. I love the post.
hahai.ponce said…
great post and great subjects for your S post!
love the shoe the best!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
Postcardy said…
My favorite sign is the exit sign.
Lesley said…
There seems to be some disagreements about the mug sentiment!
Anonymous said…
Interesting that they built a replica of a 17th century orphanage. It isn't something that would have occurred to me, no matter how beautiful the building.
J Bar said…
Terrific sign. I particularly like the Exit shoe.
Clytie said…
I really love those wooden shoe signs!!!
Nice and funny shots. :) LG Tina
Luna Miranda said…
cute signs! love the exit shoe.:p

The Tame Lion said…
That's cool! Yeah!
Such great signs! And that coffee mug is just too cute!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents
Genie said…
Love your signs this week...especially the “exit” shot and the mug. You make me want to visit that town. Hope you are having a nice holiday weekend. Genie

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