Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sky Watch

                                                             Taken the other night.

Even here in Michigan we had so much rain. I could say the sun is very elusive but last few days ago the sun came out and it's about sunset. 

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Liz said...

Amazing shots. Happy sky watching!

Liz @ A Simple Life

whatandysees said...

Love that moon!.... very strong pic...:)

Not so sure about the sun in the mirror, tells me the sun is behind, I much prefer the sun in my future!....:)

Carver said...

Beautiful shot of the moon and I love the sky in the car side viewer.

Spiderdama said...

Wonderful shots in the mirror! Me like:-)

Jan Halvard said...

Interesting view of a wonderful sky!
Have a good weekend!

Jan Halvard, Norway
¡Buenos dias Bolivia!

Sylvia K said...

Terrific reflections and wonderful to see some sunny skies! Love your moon shot. I tried to catch it, but we just had too many clouds. Maybe next month???? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


ewok1993 said...

I hope you're not affected by the severe weather patterns, like the twisters that devastated much of that part of the country.

Karen said...

Loving that moon shot Kim! The mirror shots are great too.

D Herrod said...

Nice. Like moon shot.

eileeninmd said...

Great moon shot and the sunset was looking very pretty too. Happy skywatching, Kim!

Dimple said...

Good moon shot!
I also really like the last reflected shot.

George said...

I really like the sunset you captured in the rear-view mirror, but that moon picture is great as well.

Life Ramblings said...

your photos are splendidly beautiful. i particularly like the moon shot. well done.

SandyCarlson said...

Your sky shots are just delightful!

Ebie said...

That's a beautiful moon shot! The reflection images of the sun is so pretty!

Arija said...

Beautifully enhanced by the mirroring on the car mirrors and glass.

Gattina said...

Very creative photos !
I especially love the last one it's gorgeous

Rajesh said...

Terrific captures in car mirror.

Wren said...

I think we've all had enough rain! So nice to see clear skies in your photos, and wonderful using the mirrors that way.

Bird said...

That's a really beautiful moon. I hope to take one as good as that one day. And the pictures in the mirror are really lovely and well done too... but the moon is my favourite :)

Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment, and happy Skywatching to you!

Shynn said...

i love the way you captured the moon... nice shot! got some pix for u to check as well...

Ms. Becky said...

Hi Kim, I'm awed by your extraordinary photos. the side-mirror ones especially. I looked out the other night and saw that moon. for an instant I consider trying to capture it but didn't. Now I see why. You did it for me, and so much better than I could have done! it's gorgeous. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Kim. our weather today is bright and sunny, and what we have today will be yours tomorrow!

Indrani said...

Excellent capture of the moon.

lina@women's perspectives said...

The moon is so dramatic!
Your sunset reflections are very lovely :)

Sorry for my late visit, have a great day...

Carolyn said...

wow...i like the half moon photo :-) would you mind if I ask you what kind of lens are you using taking this moon? I tried many times but my 18-105 mm lens is not good enough to take the moon. I have to use hubby's camera with his 80-400 mm lens..

I'm sure you have a good lens with you:-)


Al said...

Great photos of that elusive sun!

kRiZ cPEc said...


Pearl Maple said...

Nicely done !
Enjoy seeing how others frame up their views of the sky, makes for lots of entertainment

Mike said...

I like the journey. Have a great weekend!

eden said...

Beautiful series of sunset photos. Love the moon shot too.

Francisca said...

My favorite is the clear moonshot at exactly half.

Linnea said...

What fun shots. The moon looks absolutely perfect! I always love looking at the sky through the sideview mirror! Thanks for stopping by.

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