Been to a funeral

Just been to a funeral. My BIL died the day before my birthday. And the next day after my birthday is my step-daughter's and an SIL birthday so prior to that we have surprise party  in line but then things don't get in our way...sometimes. Everything halted and we all focused our attention to our brother in law who passed away.  His 84 years old...he lived a good life...he served our country USA...his been a good father and a good husband for 64 years to my sister in law...he died on his sleep and I think that's what he likes to be to suffer no pain. Our/My heart is heavy while the pastor is talking  about his life. But also it's a celebration that the life that God has given to Roger is fulfilled here on earth and now he is in heaven. 
But here is some kind of weird circumstances that happened. When my BIL was in high school he has this close buddy of his......later they do knew that they died a  day apart and now they shared the same funeral home!!! They are really a buddy huh!! Then, the day that Roger died, early in the morning my SIL  called him if he is okay. They both sleep in adjacent room since both of them are sick. When my SIL called him if he is okay he says he is fine. That was like 5:30 am....but then my SIL slept and woke up came to his room at 8:30 am he is gone!!! The weird part is that their clock stopped at 7:25am and according to them it never stopped. They so thought that it might be the time their father died. Somebody asked them if they are going to change the battery to make it work...his son says "they like to stay that way". A simple but very important remembrance. 


George said…
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your brother-in-law, but it sounds as if the family has many wonderful memories to hold onto.

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