Round Robin Challenge-Collection

I hope I am not late with this one. This week theme is all about collection. Hubby has a good collection of a beer Germany mug and Swarovski but because I attended a funeral for my BIL I have no time to take a photo. But I have an old photo that I think it is considered a collection ^_^ I hope!!
                   Collected since I was single. I have several rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Good thing is that I bought many of this when I was single and working. I thought at that time it's already expensive but still I managed to squeeze my budget and get some. Now things have change I am not single any more and the first priority is not for jewelries hehehehe. So these are my collection if I can call it collection ^_^
                                                  Linking this post to ROUND ROBIN CHALLENGE


Jama said…
Your rings are so beautiful! I used to have a wide selection of gold jeweleries I collected since I started working, but began to sell most of them away when the price of gold went skyrocket recently. Since I don't wear them as often as I used to,and no daughters to pass them too, I decided to sell them , keeping on some of my very favorite.
Nice! I love the way the photo is laid out to show off your jewelry collection, with the one big image surrounded by the little green ones.
Bella cruse said…
Hey you have a nice collection of rings indeed. I just loved your diamond ring. It is so pretty and charming. My husband gifted me the same ring on our wedding.
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