Do you put yourself in a small car?

Hubby and I attended  a surprised birthday party for my hubby's daughter and as we passed by a gasoline station I saw $3.99/ gallon and some have $3.79/gallon. I said oh my goodness the fuel is very high we can't afford to go joy riding anymore. Hubby says that we will just go local visits or parks and that's it. I also thought well even if we only visit places here in Michigan, still the same you spend money for fuel but what the heck if you want to be happy and enjoy life I think we have to spend a little. ^_^
But my topic is all about what the President says about driving SUV's or  other big cars. I heard so many debates and all that,  but for me I would never drive a small car like the one that I saw last year. Here in America some family choose to buy big car because they have at least two or more kids. And we are not like in China who have only one child policy or other countries that has a small road or there towns are close to each other. Here specially in Michigan it's only in Detroit that has a bus and a train I guess but most of the people drive on their cars going to work and or sending their kids to schools. Our landscape is scattered so much that if we built trains it will take time like maybe years to finish it.

When I got my driving license I noticed hubby is into looking at car that is a little bigger. I asked him why he said it will keep you safe in case an accident happened. Hmmm I have to trust on him for that matter since he works in the auto industry for years and I guess he knew what he is doing. So I got a pretty good car though it's a second hand but it drive well and it's not a small car. Driving in an interstate highway I could tell that it's safer than the one they are talking about............ the small car!! I can't see myself driving in a small car in the middle of an interstate highway with a 70mph and all the cars behind me or in front of me are 3 times bigger than me. I will froze to death I think lol!!

One time I saw this small car sold from other country. It look like a kids toy and I can't imagine myself if there will be snow blizzard and the wind is hard...this car would never run in a mile it will end up in the ditch like a snowman. For me nobody could dictate me what I gonna drive what I would like to see is more jobs opening and more business company coming back in our country. ^_^


Sailor said…
Are you talking about the Tata Nano? Oh My God I will never drive that one. You are right, its like a toy car. Al tho I drive a small car by Suzuki- Swift, it is pretty decent and pretty good in safety standards.
George said…
We don't have an SUV, but we do drive a mid-sized car. I've seen several 'toy' cars I wouldn't want to be in.
Yes, in the US it pays to have a bigger car since roads there are wider and cars run faster than in small countries like the Philippines. Safety is the primary consideration in buying a car there. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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