What am I gonna do today?

Monday, is pretty busy for me. I have to visit blogs since Monday has many blog meme's to joined to. Aside from that, Tuesday is my bible study and in that afternoon is my Religious Education class which I have to read the bible and our study book, then with my Rel Ed class I have  to prepare and read my lesson too. But what about my household chore, I don't have time for that lol!!! I don't want to cook nor I don't want to do anything. Few weeks ago I assigned my hubby to do the vacuuming on the floor. Sometimes he do it sometimes he don't, grrrr! Something in me that makes me freak out when I see dust or dirt on the carpet, and our carpet is green everything is visible. But now I tried to not to freak out, I like to keep cool but sometimes I slipped lol! So for now had to park and do some hop blogging and some other things, ciao!


forgetmenot said…
Kim, It sounds like you are going to be busy. Yep, that darn housework is a "pain" sometimes. You will find, as you get older, that there are many more important things to do in life, and housework becomes less and less important (but we do have to buckle down and do it once in a while). Have a great week. Mickie

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