The Bachelor

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Tonight at 08:00 pm ABC (ch 2) Season 15 finale: Brad has one rose left, to give to either Emily Maynard or Chantal O'Brien after they meet his family in Cape Town, South Africa. 

The other day hubby asked me when is The Bachelor show aired. I told him Monday night. For the first time in the history, he asked me of a certain show, well except Andy Griffith show these are his favorite, but with The Bachelor, I am surprised. Before tonight's finale I called him to watched with me with this show. He was hesitant for awhile and after telling him about what is it all about he sit down and the rest is history lol!! He has his own opinion about Brad but he never said anything negative or positive to the women he keep it to himself lol!. Anyway, he is not for Brad, he thought that he is mechanical, he seem like he may be commanding to his wife (soon to be), that he may not be understanding of her feeling etc. I had his point when we discussed it because there was this incident that Chantal was crying because she got jealous and she doesn't like what she feels (she is in love with Brad). A meltdown happened. And Brad in his interview about Chantal's crying, he said that he don't like it, when women do that. That raises my red flagssssssssss because we women have mood swing and if men don't understand that it would be difficult for the wife to share her feeling. Men should understand and try to console and listen to our woes because we women are sometimes drama queen, lol! But you know what, that is what we need, we don't want huge diamond, but we need a soothing voice from our husband consoling us, telling us how wonderful we are, how beautiful we are. Anyway, tonight hubby and I will be glued in front of the tv. And basing on the advertisement looks like Brad had a hard time selecting whom he is going to pick. Chantal or Emily....for me I choose Chantal. Hubby said, the women should decline his proposal lol!! But will see...


Naku hindi ko ito napapanuod kaya wala akong feedback tungkol dito. Anyway, thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Kim, USA said…
Pinapanood ko ngayon, yung choice ko na si Chantal hinde pinili lol!
Calleigh said…
hahaha, I hate watching these kind of reality TV shows... because as what I've noticed, they are just making a show. Next time you'll hear about this couple they have already canceled their engagement just like what happened to past contestants.

I never heard any of the winners who were successful with their new found partner on TV.

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