Japan and the people

Just few minutes ago hubby and I were watching Dateline on ABC channel. Every single shot Dateline show showed my heart wrench. At the last part of the show, there is this narration and photos are showed and then a footage came out focusing on the Tsunami coming to the land. That broke me to tears I just can't help it I was so sad and felt terrible. When I heard the news about the earthquake and tsunami and later knew that a train was missing full of passengers, that night and the next night I am very disturbed. I lay on our comfortable bed thinking of the people in Japan, questioning what are they eating, where they sleep, what are they doing? Questions goes on and on, ending me in tears.
Growing in the Philippines I remember my teachers always put Japanese as an example as being  industrious , independent and hard working. I overheard growing up, that after WW2 the government of Japan close their country for 40 years then just few years ago they opened their country to whole world and that's when the whole world see Japan as very prosperous after that traumatic war.
Now, they are back to this huge and massive devastation, but it didn't cause by war but earthquake and tsunami. Added to that their nuclear power exploded. My heart goes to Japan and to all the Japanese people. They are always in my prayer. God bless us all!


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